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Arbor Financial Group is one of Orange County's top leaders in Real Estate, Mortgage, and Insurance. With a combined thirty years in the lending and insurance industries, Arbor Financial Group is recognized as a solutions-oriented firm known for creative strategies, personable service, and driven representatives.

Rated top mortgage broker and lender in Orange County, CA. Arbor Financial Group takes great pride in providing our customers with the best customer service. As Southern California’s leading direct mortgage lender for over fifteen years, we bring you a wealth of mortgage experience, real estate and insurance knowledge. We hire only the best and the most seasoned mortgage professionals and real estate agents in the industry. Our diverse mortgage products, including first time home buyer programs, conforming fixes, ARM, jumbo mortgage programs, full income documentation and limited income documentation are all tailored to serve your financial needs whether you’re a fully qualified home buyer or not! Arbor’s rapport with over 25 different wholesale lending institutions, as well as our own direct lending division, enables us to offer our clients a wide variety of mortgage home loans solutions.

Direct Lender and a Mortgage Brokerr
Why contact lenders one at a time when all of your options are available in one place? Arbor is affiliated with over 25 competitive lenders with over 750+ loan programs available to choose from. Working with Arbor gives you more lending options. Most importantly, Arbor can offer solutions for even the toughest home financing situations.

With a combined thirty years in the lending and insurance industries, Arbor Financial Group is recognized as a solutions-oriented firm known for creative strategies, personable service, and driven representatives. Our team is a varied group of talented advisors and experts who devise tailored plans around each client’s priorities. We take a personal approach, evaluating each individual’s desires and concerns as it pertains to their short- and long-term goals.

Given the fast-paced nature of today’s economy, Arbor Financial Group offers relevant resources for the modern day consumer. As a trusted resource, we go to great lengths to offer and advise on services designed to protect assets, manage growth and ensure prosperity. Our keen understanding of the market–and the knowledge to expound upon it – has kept us grounded and is leading us and our clients through the recession towards a bright future.

Helping Our Customers
We at ARBOR are not only providing you with outstanding customer service, we are also providing you with several financial solutions to help you and the community. We take great pride in delivering top-quality services in all Mortgage, Real Estate and Insurance industries! Choose to work with the best mortgage company and financial firm in Orange County, CA. Why are we the best? Good question! Many reasons actually. For starters, our entire business is founded on Trust and Integrity. We have been in business for 2 decades, we have established strong relationships with all top financial banks and institutions. We have access to products and services that set ARBOR apart from the competition. We provide you with diverse financial services, Mortgage Services which will help you preserve your assets, as well as understand the best investment options. Real Estate Services to expand your investment portfolio and move forward in life. Insurance Services for your home (and those inside the home), your assets, and your legacy will be protected. Enough bragging about Arbor, give us a call and see for yourself.

Niches Programs with Low Interest Rates
This month, we have special programs for both Owner Occupied & Second Homes. 95% one loan, no MI to 1 million, 90% combined to 2 million (80/10), 75% to 2 million one loan, 70% to 5 million one loan. We also have a no mortgage rate adjustments on Investment Properties up to 65% loan-to-value to 1 million loan amounts.

Close On Time Guaranteed!
Offer accepts? Need to meet a specific closing date in the Purchase Agreement? Arbor Financial Group is known for our speedy closing process! We will waive our lender fee and credit up to $500 towards any per diem penalty if you don’t close your escrow on time. Ready to move forward?

Free 1 Hour Phone Consultation
No Hassle, No Obligation! We promise! You’ll be speaking to a licensed agent with 10+ years experience! Receive a personal one-on-one free phone consultation to ask any questions you may have or discuss your mortgage needs, real estate and/or insurance! Your information is Secure and Confidential! You may also contact us during office business hours at (866) 639-6554.


ARBOR Financial Group arranges the following loan types:
  • RESIDENTIAL: Hard Money
  • COMMERCIAL: Hard Money
  • LAND: Hard Money
Lending territories: CA



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