Lendersa® strives to bring you the most accurate results based on the type of property used to secure your loan.

Each type of property has a unique set of underwriting guidelines. The property type, condition, location, and financial profile determine the maximum loan amount, interest rate, and terms.

Document requirements could also affect the results and the speed of the loan approval.

Lendersa® has a proprietary loan calculator that is the most advanced anywhere on the internet. No social security information is required to get accurate results in a few minutes.

The best lenders are standing by to compete for your loan!

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What are hard money lenders, and how do they differ from traditional lenders?

Hard money lenders are private individuals or companies that offer loans based on the value of collateral, such as real estate. They typically have shorter loan terms, higher interest rates, and more flexible lending criteria than traditional lenders like banks.

Top Hard Money Lenders: Find Reliable Loans Today

Lendersa® compares rates and terms from thousands of hard money lenders, brokers, and private investors to bring you instant loan proposals. The lowest interest rate, lowest fees, or the highest loan to value (LTV) on your hard money loan is possible when the best lenders compete for your business. Unlike bank loans that can take months to fund, hard money lenders will close your loans in days. If you needed money yesterday, you are on the right page!

If you have difficulty qualifying for a loan due to a lack of documented income, credit issues, or other financing problems, you have a solution with Lendersa®. Enter your scenario to get ten competing loan offers based on your real estate equity in minutes.

Lendersa's comprehensive guide for hard money loans provides information about hard money loans, lenders, and private money loans. Our guide contains links to articles and calculators to educate borrowers, real estate agents, and mortgage brokers about hard money, what it is, and how to utilize it successfully in business.

Hard Money Definition

Is there a difference between "hard money" and "private money" loans? Find what hard money is used for in residential, commercial, and vacant land. Gain a deep understating of the mechanics and challenges hard money lenders deploy to fund a loan based on equity.

Hard Money Calculator

Instead of spending any time studying the subject of hard money lending, you could go right into the action with Lendersa® hard money calculators. You'll quickly learn by entering various lending scenarios, observing the results, and learning about available loan programs and potential hard money lenders who could deliver those results. Understanding how hard money works is good, but studying it can take time. Lendersa® hard money calculator is a step-by-step guide that gives you a shortcut to results.

How to find hard money lenders

Finding hard money lenders is a tricky proposition. There are thousands of hard money lenders, but each has its peculiar guideline, rates & terms. This article is the most comprehensive guide for finding the best hard money lenders for your unique situation. Every State and city has local rules and regulations that impact the underwriting of private money loans. Check your State below for the best rate and terms.

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Local hard money investors do the majority of hard money lending. That has to do with the familiarity demanded by the private investors. Since equity in the property is the driving force behind any hard loan, investors familiar with the property location could act faster.

How Lendersa® works

Learn more about the powerful integration between borrowers, brokers, wholesale lenders, and private investors on the Lendersa® platform

Private Money Lenders

Who are Private Money Lenders, how do they operate, and what do you need to know about them to become successful in real estate? Vital data if you need to borrow money or become a private lender yourself.

Hard money for owner-occupied properties

Most hard money lenders don’t lend to owner-occupied properties. Find out what you need to do to locate the 5% who lend on owner-occupied and how to present your loan request.

Directory of hard money loans and lenders

Lendersa® compiled the largest list of all hard money lenders in the country; use the directory to sort out lenders by location, loan programs, and rates and terms offered.

100% LTV financing

A question often asked is it possible to finance 100% of the property value? And if it is, how can I get a 100% loan? Lendersa® explains the circumstances when a 100% hard money loan is available and the list of lenders to fund one hundred percent of the property purchase price.

Are you a private investor?

Keeping money in the bank is a sin. With high inflation and close to zero return, any money in saving accounts will lose its value. The stock market is volatile, and not all investors can stomach it. On the contrary, investing in loans secured by real estate equity is safe and can yield between 6% to 13% on very passive investments. Lendersa® shows you how to become a private hard money investor and find reputable hard money brokers to guide you to success.

Hard money leads, Mortgage leads

Mortgage leads and hard money leads are the bloodlines for any residential and commercial brokers. Register Today and start filling out your pipeline with fresh high quality leads that precisely match your lending programs.

Hard Money Secrets

This article dives deep into the Hard Money Loans structure to enrich your knowledge about the mechanics and rationale behind Hard money financing. An excellent resource for sophisticated borrowers and hard money mortgage brokers.