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Lendersa® hard money lenders directory includes 4523 lenders in all 50 states and territories. The directory consists of direct nationwide hard money lenders and local hard money mortgage brokers who specialized in hard money lending to their local communities. The guide consists of retail lenders and wholesale hard money lenders. You can search for lenders by the property location, by types of loan, or a combination of factors.

Borrowers could effectively find a hard money lender is through our hard money calculator.

Brokers and Hard money originators find private investors or wholesale lenders are using the internal dashboard for B2B integrations. Borrowers may also complete a short loan request and connect with the best matching hard money loan programs. (A loan request is not a loan application, your social security number and other confidential information are not required on a loan request).


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Finding hard money lenders close to the property can benefit the borrowers. Local private investors are funding most hard money loans—investors who are familiar with the local area can approve the loan faster and may be willing to fund loans with higher LTV and or better rates and terms. Use the Lendersa® lenders' search tool to find lenders close to your property. Enter any location, address, city, or zip code to get the lenders' list with their distance from the property.

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