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Lendersa's Super Loan Integrated Qualifier (SLIQ) is light years ahead of any other loan search engine anywhere.


Lendersa is 100% free to user and seeing your real estate loan offers won't impact your credit score!

You don't need to disclose your email or phone number to Lendersa unless you are already in an advanced negotiation stage and at your discretion.

In short minutes you will find all the loan programs that are available, including full details of each program and the chances of success score which indicate the likelihood you can get the loan. Lenders a allows you to change load scenarios in seconds to find out “What If”. Any small change to Credit score, LTV, Income, and 10+ other factors will immediately impact the results. Lendersa let you make changes and immediately observe the “What if Results.”

The Pre-Application

Applying blindly for a loan can be a disaster and upsetting experience if you are not approved. Lendersa is introducing the concept of pre-application to shelter you.

Chance of Success Score

Don't waste your time on loan programs that are impossible to get. Lendersa shows you what chances you have to get the loan you originally requested and direct.

Advance Matching Loan Programs

Unlike most other portals that 4-8 data paints of your financial profiles Lendersa powerful engine compares over 20 data points against lenders underwriting guidelines.

No personal information

The loan inquiry produced accurate results without the need to enter any personal information, email or social security number. Only if you score well and decide to.

Private Investors and Hard Money

Lendersa lending platform includes hundreds of hard money lenders connecting to thousands of private investors. If banks can't do the loans because of income.

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