Get the loans with the highest possible LTV

How to get loans with the highest possible LTV

There are situations when the most crucial consideration is the loan amount or the amount of cash out one can get from the property. In cases like that, the interest rate and fees are less critical, and the borrower is ready to accept higher rates and higher fees as long as he gets the most cash, highest loan amount, and highest loan to value.

Lendersa® allows you to find the lenders who offer the highest LTV up to 100% LTV and even higher for hard money loans, but we need to gather some information to accomplish this task. The highest LTV depends on the property location, credit, Income, property type, loan amount, funding speed, and ten other factors.

For example,
Lender A has the highest LTV for borrowers with perfect credit and fully documented Income but only for loan amounts between $400,000 and $520,000
Lender B. has the highest LTV for self-employed borrowers with excellent credit score for loan amount over $550,000 and under $850,000
Lender C. has the highest LTV for borrowers who cannot prove their Income but have good credit with loan amounts between $350,000 and $550,00
Lender D. provides the highest LTV for borrowers with bad credit but offers only short-term loans for 1-3 years.

You can see that there could be hundreds of different "highest LTV lenders," each is genuinely providing the highest LTV. Still, each program is based on a specific combination of factors.

Solution completes a short loan request your social security is not required, and Lendersa® will produce a list of the highest LTV programs tailor-made to your qualifications and needs. Lendersa® database is being updated with loan programs from thousands of lenders. Your unique requirements will be matched in seconds against millions of possible combinations to bring you the highest possible LTVe that you deserve.

Are you looking for the highest LTV on Residential properties? Commercial properties? Vacant land?

Lendersa large number of hard money lenders ensure that you will find the highest possible LTV