Registering on Lendersa


  1. From the homepage, click the log in button in the upper right hand corner.

  1. Under the login button, click “Register as a new user”.

  1. Check either borrower, lender or real estate agent and click the “Create new account” button.

  1. Under designation and category, select all that apply. Click either An Officer or a Principal. Then click the “Create New Account” blue button.

  1. Enter your name, contact details, username and password and check the box “I have read and understood "Terms of Use" , and Privacy Policy"”, then click the blue button “Create new account”.

  1. Enter company name and address and click the continue button.

  1. Check one or both boxes that apply on the purposes page.

  1. If you chose the first box only with express registration, your registration is now complete. You may now start to find lenders for your client’s loans by clicking on the yellow “find lenders” circle on your dashboard.


  1. If you chose the second or both boxes, continue your registration by adding your company logo (optional) and your company contact information

Note that the work phone, company email and company pitch fields are mandatory.

You can take information from your website such as the homepage or about us page, or you can type in basic data.

Required minimum of 280 characters and maximum of 480 characters.


Creating a Profile Lead Capture (PLC) is sometimes done as part of the registration process.

  1. Add PLC Name (This is any name you choose such as “1st PLC”, “West Coast Leads”, “Commercial”, etc.)

Push the drop down menu next to “property location” and check all boxes that apply.

  1. Next, there are three sections: residential, commercial and vacant land. Repeat the following steps in each section as applicable to you:

  • In the “Hard Money Loans” section, check all boxes that apply

  • In the Bank, Credit Unions and Institutional Loan section, check any/all boxes that apply

  • In the Hard Money Filters section, starting with “Max LTV” click the drop down menu and select your max LTV.

    • Repeat this for each of the 4 other filters “Min. Loan Amount”, “Max. Loan Amount”, “Min. Credit”, “Occupancy & Type”.

  1. At the bottom of the page, click the “Create PLC” button.

You have now created a Profile Lead Capture and have completed registration!