Private money Lenders of El Paso, Texas [2024 list]

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When you locate a private investor through a local hard money broker, your odds of getting a loan increase exponentially; lending hard money loans in El Paso could depend upon locating investors familiar with the neighborhood. A short distance between the hard money investor and the property enhances the loan approval odds and speeds up the funding process.

The population of El Paso is 843386, and the average sale price is $153,990

See our list of commercial and residential lenders that arrange loans secured by the equity in real estate and rely very little on (and sometimes not at all) upon credit your score or income verification. The list shows the private lenders' distance from Zipcode(s): 79901, 79902, 79903, 79904, 79905, 79906, 79907, 79930, 79932, 79935, 79934, 79936, 79912, 79911, 79835, 79922, 79920, 79927, 79924, 79925, 79915, 79910, 79913, 79914, 79917, 79923, 79926, 79931, 79937, 79940, 79941, 79943, 79944, 79945, 79946, 79947, 79948, 79949, 79950, 79951, 79952, 79953, 79954, 79955, 79958, 79960, 79961, 79968, 79976, 79978, 79980, 79995, 79996, 79997, 79998, 79999, 88540, 88541, 88542, 88543, 88544, 88545, 88546, 88547, 88548, 88549, 88550, 88553, 88554, 88555, 88556, 88557, 88558, 88559, 88560, 88561, 88562, 88563, 88565, 88566, 88567, 88568, 88569, 88570, 88571, 88572, 88573, 88574, 88575, 88576, 88577, 88578, 88579, 88580, 88581, 88582, 88583, 88584, 88585, 88586, 88588, 88590, 88595

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  • Communities of Abilene Federal Credit Union
  • 3661 N 6th Street, Abilene, TX, 79603
  • Originally named Abilene Air Force Base Federal Credit Union, Communities of Abilene Federal Credit Union was chartered on December 7, 1955 as a single sponsor credit union for the armed services personnel stationed at Abilene Air Force Base (Now Dyess AFB). We had seven founding members and assets of $41.50 by year end.
  • Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union
  • 3849 Antilley Road, Abilene, TX, 79606
  • Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union has been open since 1950. The credit union has assets totaling $578.04 Million and provides banking services to more than 53, 000 members as of March 2022. The credit union is a not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative providing financial banking services to multiple member groups.
  • First Priority Credit Union
  • 3165 S 27th Street, Abilene, TX, 79605
  • First Priority Credit Union was drafted on July 14, 1930, and approved by the Texas State Banking Board on September 2, 1930. First Priority Credit Union was chartered as Abilene Postal Employees’ Credit Union by the following US Postal Service employees who also served as the original board of Directors.
  • First Bank and Trust of Memphis
  • 501 Main Street, Memphis, TX, 79245
  • First Bank & Trust of Memphis of Memphis, TX provides banking services. The Bank offers checking accounts, credit & debit cards, loans, insurance, payment protection, phone banking, bill pay, and merchant services. We started as a community bank, and even though we’ve grown, we haven’t really changed.
  • First Financial Bankshares
  • 400 Pine Street, Abilene, TX, 79601
  • Since 1890, First Financial has been serving the financial needs of customers just like you. Not just through good times, but during difficult years too. We survived the Great Depression, the collapse of the Texas economy in the 1980s, and the Great Recession. Throughout it all, we remain a place of stability and trust for our customers.
  • Citizens Bank, National Association
  • 4201 S Treadaway Blvd, Abilene, TX, 79602
  • Citizens Bank Has Served The Financial Needs Of Customers In The Big Country And Rolling Plains Regions Of Texas For Almost 100 Years. We Are Locally Owned And Committed To Building Strong And Enduring Relationships With Our Customers. We Offer A True, Full Service Experience That Can Serve You During All Stages Of Life And Business.
  • The Brady National Bank
  • 101 S. Blackburn St., Brady, TX, 76825
  • Brady National Bank was chartered in 1905 and is the oldest bank in McCulloch County. Our safe and sound banking practices, as well as our ability to meet the needs of our local community, promises we'll be around for another 100 years. We have a long-time history of offering modern financial conveniences while still providing
  • First Bank Texas
  • 244 Market Street, Baird, TX, 79504
  • First Bank Texas was chartered on May 15th, 1880 as First National Bank, and has been serving Texas Families for over 142 years. First Bank Texas is a home-town bank with directors, officer, and employees who are committed to serving the community in which they work and live. Knowing customers by name