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Lendersa® matches your loan request with 91 hard money direct lenders and brokers in Virginia Lendersa® advanced hard money mortgage calculator ensures that you get the best hard money loan rates from California private investors who close loans fast.

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Lendersa® Super Loan Integrated qualifier (SLIQ) will compare your loan scenario against thousands of loan programs to find what best interest rate you could get and what other program options you have. (Loan duration, fees, pre-pay penalties, funding time, etc.)

Why spend hours and days looking for lenders one at a time? For the first time in the history of private money lending, Lendersa® will instantly deliver your loan request to the top lenders who offer the best hard money loan programs in Virginia. The best lenders have matching lending profiles to your particular loan scenario and best rate & terms. To ensure fast funding, try local private money lenders. E.g., hard money loans secured by properties in Virginia Beach may have different lenders than loans secured by properties in Richmond, Arlington, Chesapeake or Norfolk.


Lendersa goal is not to get you just "any loan" but to get you the best possible loan based on your particular financial situation and needs. Select one of three starting points that result in matching lenders and the best hard money loan programs.

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Your concern is valid! but no need to worry because the Lendersa® AI calculator will automatically compare your loan request with millions of conventional, government, portfolio, and Non-Qm loan programs, and when a match showed up, you will see that option instantly

Hard money lenders near me in Virginia

You are welcome to view all 91 local lenders lending in Virginia and individually contact them with or without a loan request. Lendersa® will prepare a loan request on your behalf, and you could use it automatically with the matching lenders or semi-manually send it to lenders of your choice.

Unlike conventional or government loans, local investors are playing a huge role in funding hard money loans. Private money investors often physically inspect the property or drive by the property before approval. To find out the closest lenders and the exact distance between the lenders to your property, enter the property address or location here:

  • Clear Sky Financial
  • 9406 Jackson Street, Burke, VA, 22015
  • Clear Sky Financial knows the DC/VA/MD metro area’s residential real estate market deeply, is a trusted partner for investors across the region, and has a proven track record. We are quickly able to discern which opportunities are viable and how we can help you succeed. Clear Sky Financial strives to give back to the community.
  • LYNK Capital
  • 7100 Six Forks Road, Suite 335, Raleigh, NC, 27615
  • LYNK Capital, mortgage lending is in our blood. In fact, we have decades of experience in this business, with members of our team having either owned or held senior positions in numerous mortgage companies, banks, title companies, and other real estate businesses. We’ve also been property investors ourselves.
  • Restoration Capital
  • 4000 Legato Rd, Suite 1100, Fairfax, VA, 22033
  • Restoration Capital was founded on the belief that real estate investing should be accessible to everyone. Our mission is to be a launching pad for new investors and a growth accelerator for experienced investors. Over the last ten years we have funded over $500 million in investment real estate projects.
  • Washington Capital Partners
  • 2815 Hartland Rd, Suite 200, Falls Church, VA, 22043
  • "WCP was founded on a mission to change the lending industry. In 2012 we set out to rewrite the rules of hard money lending, focusing on streamlined technology, exceptional customer service, and assembling an all-star team. Today we keep our business local to DC, Maryland, and Virginia where we can provide proven expertise.
  • Mid-Atlantic Commercial Capital LLC
  • 210 N Main St, Culpeper, VA, 22701
  • Mid-Atlantic Commercial Capital, LLC is a nationally recognized financial company serving our clients financing needs. In these trying times, most banks have a policy to lend money only to those companies that don’t really need it. Additionally, most banks are one-dimensional and only do one type of financing.
  • Richmond Mortgage Inc.
  • 1650 Willow Lawn Dr, Suite 301, POB 6784, Richmond, VA, 23230
  • Since 2000, we’ve funded a total of $62 Million to investment businesses developing single-family homes, land, multi-family and commercial properties in Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland. Upon approval, we provide fast funding of loans secured solely by your real property—no credit check required.
  • Congressional Capital
  • 125 N Washington St, Falls Church, VA, 22046
  • Congressional Capital, LLC is the leading hard money lender in DC, dedicated to providing fast and flexible direct, private loans to DC developers and borrowers. The lending experts at Congressional Capital provide full spectrum services related to private/hard money real estate transactions
  • USA Loans
  • 10400 Eaton Place, Suite, Suite 211, Fairfax, VA, 22030
  • USA Loans, our customers are carefully guided through the entire mortgage process, considering every step and option available. We create a program specifically for each of our borrowers, often saving thousands of dollars. The result? We make our customers housing dreams come true with honesty and integrity
  • Clear Sky Financial, LLC
  • 9406 Jackson Street, Burke, VA, 22015
  • Clear Sky Financial knows the DC/VA/MD metro area’s residential real estate market deeply, is a trusted partner for investors across the region, and has a proven track record. We are quickly able to discern which opportunities are viable and how we can help you succeed.Clear Sky Financial’s success starts with our community and the People in it
  • Edgeworth Lending
  • 1320 Central Park Blvd, Fredericksburg, VA, 22401
  • Our role as a value-added, relationship-based direct private money lender is to help real estate investors successfully leverage capital so they can do more deals for a better ROI. Formed in 2008 by real estate investors for real estate investors as a flexible financing option for investors in a fluid and competitive real estate landscape.
  • Hard Money Lender, LLC
  • 3684 Centerview Dr, Unit 120, Chantilly, VA, 20151
  • Hard Money Lender, LLC was established to provide private investment and lending solutions to the real estate industry. We will consider different types of loans based on the applicant's individual circumstances. We do not provide one-size-fits-all solutions. Our staff are well-trained professionals
  • Adler Financial Group
  • 11350 Random Hills Road #720, Fairfax, VA, 22030
  • Adler Financial Group is an entrepreneurial family partnership seeking investment opportunities which forward the success of our partners, employees, clients, and vendors. For more than a quarter of a century, we have been the capital resource of choice for Washington area real estate professionals and investors.
  • Greenbriar Lending
  • 9710 Traville Gateway Dr # 295, Rockville, MD, 20850
  • Greenbriar Lending, LLC. has rapidly become one of the most respected private lenders in the industry. Our mission is to provide our customers with the capital and knowledge to insure profitability on all of their real estate transactions. We are self-funded and provide our clients with swift and flexible commercial financing options. We focus on
  • R&F Commercial Debt and Equity
  • 3684 Centerview Dr, Chantilly, VA, 20151
  • "Founded in 2011 with a strong reputation, expertise in real estate investment, and professionalism founder Steve Ross started R&F Commercial Debt and Equity in response to the challenges in the national real estate market and subsequent opportunities that have been created as its by-product.
  • Friendly Rehab Funds, Virginia-Based Private Real Estate Lending
  • 1516 Willow Lawn Dr, Suite 103, Richmond, VA, 23230
  • We at Friendly Rehab Funds understand how hard it is to find an investment property right now with the low inventory of homes on the market. Below, we have attached a very insightful link on 91 ways to find houses below market value. Our top 5 favorites include:value. Our top 5 favorites incl
  • George Mason Mortgage, LLC
  • 4100 Monument Corner Drive, Suite 100, Fairfax, VA, 22030
  • Our foundation is built on the goal of helping families in our communities develop financial wealth and independence through homeownership. We serve both our clients and business associates with the products, technology and experience to provide the best solutions for your unique financial story.
  • TrustMor Mortgage Co., LLC
  • 5300 Hickory Park Drive, Glen Allen, VA, 23059
  • TrustMor, we straightforwardly tell you all you need to know, when you need to know it. We do what we say when we say we’ll do it. We’re there for you when you need help, answers and advice. You can trust us to always make your interests our first priority, and to make the complex mortgage lending process as simple.
  • Great Jones Capital
  • PO Box 11815, Washington, DC, 20008
  • Great Jones Capital is real estate lending, finance, asset management and residential and commercial development. We have underwritten over $1 billion in commercial real estate transactions. Our broad base of skills and hands-on approach enable us to recognize and offer well-underwritten lending opportunities and investments.
  • Adler Private Lending
  • 11350 Random Hills Rd, Suite 720, Fairfax, VA, 22030
  • Adler Private Lending, we’re specialists in commercial lending and real estate investments. For more than a quarter of a century, we have been the capital resource of choice for Washington area real estate professionals and investors. Renowned for an entrepreneurial spirit combining unique creativity, flexibility, and the ability to perform
  • Buckingham Mortgage, LLC
  • 1593 Spring Hill Road, Suite 100, Vienna, VA, 22182
  • BFGUSA was created from the vision of its founders to provide exceptional mortgage banking services for its residential, commercial, and business clients. Our strong lender relationships allow us to tailor niche loan programs for hard-to-fund loans. Our clientele ranges from high-end boutiques to credit challenged consumers.