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8/11/2019 2:51:40 AM
DAYTON, TX, 77535, USA Show Map
Dayton, TX, 77535, USA Show Map
36 %
$100,000 - $150,000
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My husband has a heart condition and was unable to renew his medical certificate for work. He last worked and applied for his disability which has been approved and he will receive 2595.00 per month starting Nov 13th 2019. we paid our home off when he was working, but now because of his health we need some money out of the home to pay expenses until he starts receiving a steady income in 3 months. We are about to lose our cars because we can't afford to pay for them...we owe about 5000.00 for both of them. We just really need to get some equity out of our home to hold us over until we have income on a monthly notice. I receive some income monthly just not enough to take care of everything. Please someone help, we worked hard to have what we have just to lose it because we became disabled.

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