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9/24/2019 12:41:33 PM
Paso Robles, CA, 93446, USA Show Map
Paso Robles, CA, 93446, USA Show Map
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$250,000 - $500,000
Property Purchase
I need to finish re-building my home that started in 2014 and got haunted because of a divorce and other family crisis. As of 2019 the divorce and all the details were final and I was able to begin construction again on my own dime. I am now over 50% complete but need funds to finish. I owe 450 on my 1st and will want to borrow between 250-300k to finish. When complete the house will be worth we’ll over 1million. I am looking for a short term interest only loan to pay off my first and provide a construction loan on top and possibly combine into one in the end. The property already makes rental income and after fully complete will make a considerable amount more. I have a bankruptcy on my record due to the divorce but my credit score is fair. I have a good cash flow in my corporate bank accounts of about 20k a month and can afford the payments for a loan of this type. I see this as a bridge type of loan that only needs to be short term as I will be coming into a large amount of money in the next year and can finance myself. However for the time being I want to get this project done as time is money. I am looking for someone out there who can appreciate my scenario and will invest in and with me, I promise you won’t be sorry!!! Sincerely, Jodi Sampson

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