Loan Request for Residential loan in Kingston, NY, 12401

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11/29/2021 9:30:20 AM
Kingston, NY, 12401, USA Show Map
Kingston, NY, 12401, USA Show Map
73.33 %
780 or more
$1,000,000 - $4,000,000
Refinance all
Bought a 3 family home and renovated it. Started renting the units on 10/1/21. In October grossed grossed $7216 and in November grossed $8177. The property is unencumbered right now so would like to place a mortgage on it. So far have invested a total of $450,000 in this property (purchase plus renovation). I was told that I should wait a year to show income over a year to refinance but I would like to put a mortgage on this property asap.

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