Loan Request for Residential loan in Kimberly, WV, 25118

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9/10/2022 10:12:30 AM
Kimberly, WV, 25118, USA Show Map
66.67 %
$5,000 - $20,000
Refinance all
I need to loan to pay off debt and lower debt to income ratio as well as be able to eliminate small debts and some home improvements) hvac, bathroom remodel for disabilities etc. Have had issues getting approved because of the high credit card usage but I want to eliminate that debt by getting this loan and paying them all off . I own my home it only needs minor improvements I have 100% equity there is no mortgage.My husband also works and besides my income we also have his wages that total on avg 2500 a month . We can make a payment on a loan if we can consolidate other debts with the loan.I am a disabled vet and he works full time. I worked so hard to raise my credit last yr and this yr so many unexpected issues arose that put us in this position. Please approve the loan .

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